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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lee Min Ho for @Star1 Magazine no.62 May 2017 Issue "Just as it is, Today and Always..Lee Min Ho's Day" Interview - 27.04.2017

When you live by just closing your eyes, and or lean against the wall. Is this an appearance of an artist that just have natural talent in modeling, posing and taking photos? Lee Min Ho has photographs and pictures taken with @Star1 Magazine ahead of his upcoming enlistment. Perhaps it's not exaggerating that every time he change and wear any clothes, it looks perfect. And every time the camera took any angle of him, it became a pictorial.

Lee Min Ho once said "I want to be able to stay in people's memories for a long time since this is the last pictorial that i'll take before the upcoming enlistment.".However, we are all sure that it's unlikely for his delightful laugh would be forgotten during his 2-years absence.

@Star1 Magazine: "Your upcoming enlistment is approaching fast. Tell us, what are you doing lately?"
Lee Min Ho: "After finishing SBS 'Legend of the Blue Sea'. I am still in a process on digesting and processing this upcoming enlistment news, and currently waiting while preparing myself."

@Star1 Magazine: "We all and yourself already had a feeling that you know you'll enlist on the first half 2017?"
Lee Min Ho: "At first, i thought that i would not mind. Of course i've seen a lot of people crying, feeling lost when someone they're close with enlisting to the military service. At first, i thought i could be cool, and enlisting honestly. However, then i feel that there are a lot of things that i have not done. Rather than the enlisting to the army part, i feel pity and bad for already passing my 20s? I feel more sorry in aging, that now i am already entering my 30s. I actually feel more sorry for my work (in acting) since honestly, i still had so many things i wanted to do..hahaha.."

@Star1 Magazine: "Over than years has passed since your debut, and perhaps it's not an exaggeration to say that you work relentlessly 'like a bull' on your 20s. What's with the previous opinion? (saying that he still had many things he wanted to do)"
Lee Min Ho: "At first, i thought that i've come this far and sometimes, i wanted to rest. I was wondering too i could still be a good actor in my life in my 30s if i didn't charge-ahead properly now. In my opinion, it seems natural that through enlisting in the military, it will be a wonderful new personal experience. With all due respect, i do feel that i work hard for the past 10 years and it became natural, but i think that Lee Min Ho is losing himself."

Lee Min Ho for @Star1 Magazine no.62 May 2017 Issue "Lee Min Ho's Day" - 27.04.2017